Who are ARM?

Action for Rural Morpeth (ARM) was formed to represent residents, voluntary groups and individuals located in the area to the west of Morpeth. The main aim of the group is to protect west Morpeth’s rural landscape, heritage, countryside and communities against the harmful impact of proposed wind turbine development.


1. Name

Action for Rural Morpeth (ARM)

2. Aims

Action for Rural Morpeth (ARM) is a group that is opposed to the construction of wind

turbines in the Morpeth Green Belt in what they consider to be inappropriate locations that

have a negative impact on visual landscape, cultural and natural heritage, wildlife, culture,

economy, citizens and communities.

3. Powers

To achieve its aim, ARM shall have the following powers:-

a) To raise money to fund campaign activities

b) To employ professional advisers and recruit volunteers

c) To purchase equipment

d) To design and prepare promotional materials

e) To conduct research

f) To work and co-operate with other persons and organisations to achieve its Aim

g) To carry out any activities, within the law, necessary to achieve its Aim

For avoidance of doubt, ARM shall not have power to borrow funds against or grant any

security over its assets.

4. Membership

a) Membership of ARM shall be open to any stakeholder or person over the age of eighteen

(18) years or organisation(s) with an interest in assisting ARM to achieve its Aims. There

shall be no limit as to the number of members.

b) A single membership subscription will be payable on joining ARM in accordance with the

following scale:-

Individual: £1.00

Organisation: £2.00

c) ARM will seek support from individuals and associations who may feel that full

membership may not be appropriate but sympathise with ARM’s aims. ARM can be

contacted via the contact page on the website .

d) Where it is considered membership would be detrimental to the Aims of ARM the

Committee shall have the power to refuse membership, or may terminate or suspend the

membership of any member by resolution passed at a Committee meeting. Members shall

have the right to have any such decision reviewed by the Committee at a Meeting to be

convened and held as soon as practicable, at which meeting the member concerned shall be

entitled to attend and make representations

e) Any member of ARM may resign membership at any time by providing the Secretary with

written notice.

f) The policy of ARM will be not to discriminate against any individual or group on grounds

of race, nationality, age, gender, disability, sexual preference, religious or political belief

or membership of any other organisation, whether religious, social or political, but to treat

all members and supporters equally within the framework of current anti-discrimination

legislation and appropriate legislation which may from time to time be introduced by

government. In recruiting members, ARM will strictly adhere to all relevant legislation

regarding equal opportunities.

5. Management Committee (the “Committee”)

a) ARM be administered by a Management Committee of no less than four (4) people and

no more than ten (10), who must be individual members of ARM or the nominee of an

organisation which is a member of ARM.

b) Members of the Committee will be elected to serve for a period of one year, but may be re-
elected at the Annual General Meeting of ARM.

c) ARM Committee may co-opt members as deemed appropriate.

6. Officers

From their number, the Committee shall appoint:

a) A Chairperson

b) A Vice-Chairperson

c) A Treasurer

d) A Secretary

e) Any additional Officers the Committee deems necessary to carry out the required

activities to achieve the Aims of ARM.

7. Meetings

a) The Committee shall meet at least once a year which may be the AGM or Special General

Meeting. `Ad hoc` Meetings may be called by the Committee. Meetings shall enable ARM to

discuss actions and monitor progress to date, and to consider future developments.

b) All members of the Committee shall be given, in writing or email, at least seven (7) days’

notice of when a meeting is to take place, unless it is deemed as an emergency.

c) A minimum of three (3) Committee members must be present in order for a meeting to

take place.

d) It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson, whom failing the Vice-Chairperson, to

chair all meetings.

e) Meetings shall be minuted.

f) Minutes shall be verified as a true record by two (2) members of the Committee other than

the minuting secretary, and may be available on request to ARM.

g) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall take place no later than three (3) months after

the end of the financial year. At least twenty-one (21) days’ notice must be given, in writing

or by email, to all members of ARM, before the meeting takes place. The notice will be

accompanied by a copy of the annual financial report.

h) All members of ARM, including organisations, are entitled to one vote at the AGM and at

any Special General Meeting(s).

i) Voting at meetings shall be made by a show of hands on a simple majority basis. In the

case of a tied vote, the Chairperson of the meeting shall make the casting vote.

j) A Special General Meeting can be called by either:-

(1) the committee giving at least fourteen (14) days’ notice, in writing or by email, to all

members of ARM, of any such Special General Meeting taking place.


(2) a minimum of 4 members making a written request to the committee, accompanied

by their reasons, to convene a Special General Meeting. In the event that the matter of the

request cannot be deferred to the AGM, then the Committee to give at least fourteen (14)

days’ notice in writing or by email, to all members of ARM, of any such Special General

Meeting taking place.

8. Finance

a) Any money acquired by ARM, including membership subscriptions, donations,

contributions, grants and bequests, shall be paid into a bank account operated by the

Committee in the name of ARM.

b) All funds must be applied to the Aims of ARM and for no other purpose.

c) Bank account/s shall be opened in the name of ARM with a bank decided upon by the

Committee. Any deeds, cheques or any other form of withdrawal from the bank account

shall be signed by any two (2) of the authorised signatories who shall be the Chairperson, the

Vice-Chairperson and the Treasurer.

d) The Treasurer shall be responsible for the income and expenditure of ARM. Official

accounts shall be maintained by the Treasurer and they shall be examined annually by an

independent examiner who is not a member of ARM.

e) The Treasurer shall present an income and expenditure statement at each meeting of the


f) An annual financial report shall be presented at the AGM

g) ARM’s accounting year shall run from 1 August to 31 July.

9. Alteration of the Constitution

a) Any changes to this constitution must be agreed by a majority vote at a Special General

Meeting or at an AGM.

b) Any proposal to amend this constitution or to dissolve ARM must be conveyed to the

Secretary in writing and be signed by at least ten current members of ARM. The Secretary

and other Officers shall then decide on the date of a Special General Meeting to discuss

such proposal, giving members of ARM at least twenty eight (28) days notice. Any such

meeting must take place within six weeks of the date of the Secretary’s receipt of such written


10. Dissolution

ARM may be dissolved if deemed appropriate by the members in a majority vote at a Special

General Meeting. Any assets or remaining funds, after debts have been paid, shall be

disbursed to donors in proportion to amounts donated at the discretion of the Committee.